Assume responsibility for all Finance-related processes and take necessary actions to achieve the University-wide commitment to unite all campuses and agencies of MSU into a seamless system, based on standardized policies, procedures, data elements, and calendars to enhance service to our university community and the citizens of Montana.
Laura Humberger, LeAnn Anderson, David Court, Deby Gunter, Jeana Henley, Frieda Houser, Paul Lambeth, Brenda Mowers, Sandra Sward, Chris Wendland
  1. VA Wire Transfer Redesign of VA GI-Bill wire transfer process reduces manual data entry for both MSU and the state treasurer's office, while ensuring privacy of data for all GI-Bill aid recipients. Powered by IT
  2. Interest Allocation Web-based application improves efficiency of the allocation of associated interest revenue to the appropriate invested fund balance. Powered by IT
  3. Purchasing Card Notifications Purchasing Card holders and administrators may opt to receive e-mail notifications when payments are made with a Purchasing Card, improving quality control on purchasing and streamlining administrative procedures. Powered by IT
  4. NCAA Athletics Reporting Web-based NCAA reporting for Bozeman and Billings provides the ability to analyze financial results by sport/category. Powered by IT
  5. Commerce Manager Purchase and implementation of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant application allows departments to take online credit card payments securely and easily. Powered by IT
  6. Finance Approval Queues Electronic expense approvals and enhanced reporting allow decentralized data entry of vendor invoices and eliminate a shadow accounting system. The electronic approval process also improves the efficiency and quality of data entry in the central offices. Powered by IT

indicates an improvement enabled by information technology developed by central or distributed IT personnel in conjunction with business procedure improvements. Improvements specific to the IT team are listed under INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.