TeamFinancial Aid
Assume responsibility for all Financial Aid-related processes and take necessary actions to achieve the University-wide commitment to unite all campuses and agencies of MSU into a seamless system, based on standardized policies, procedures, data elements, and calendars to enhance service to our university community and the citizens of Montana.
Brandi Payne, Judy Chapman, Leah Habel, Rita Larby, Tom Marchwick, Annd Milkovich, Ila Saunders, Cindy Small.
  1. Consistent Direct Lending Consistent Direct Lending across all campuses reduces student confusion over options for borrowing money to pay for school expenses.
  2. Common IPEDS Reporting Common IPEDS Reporting across all campuses reduces Financial Aid staff time freeing up more time to personally assist students and parents. Powered by IT
  3. Year-Round Pell Grant Year-Round Pell Grant enhances student ability to complete degrees faster by allowing them more financial help for summer terms.
  4. Shared Reports Shared Reports across all campuses increases efficiency by reducing manual processes that were often replicated on multiple campuses. More time is available for student service, with improved communication, coordination, consistency, and compliance for all campuses. Powered by IT
  5. Matching Fund Codes Consistent use of fund codes across all four campuses results in easier, faster development time for new reports and quicker analysis of problems.
  6. Governor's Presidential Job Scholarship Consistently applied criteria for the Governor's Presidential Job Scholarship awards results in a more equitable distribution of awards across all MSU campuses and better student understanding of the process.

indicates an improvement enabled by information technology developed by central or distributed IT personnel in conjunction with business procedure improvements. Improvements specific to the IT team are listed under INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.