TeamInformation Technology
Assume responsibility for all IT-related processes and take necessary actions to achieve the University-wide commitment to unite all campuses and agencies of MSU into a seamless system, based on standardized policies, procedures, data elements, and calendars to enhance service to our university community and the citizens of Montana.
Roger Van Andel, Deb Felkey, Tom Hoffman, Derek Kowalke, Paul Lambeth, Anne Milkovich, Tom Morrison, Mike Pratt, Jerry Spicher, E.J. Suek, Justin Van Almelo
  1. Luminis Banner Channels Luminis portal provides single sign-on access to Banner services including Banner Forms, Self-Service, and ReportWeb. Single sign-on facilitates ease of access for the user community.
  2. MyApps in MyInfo MyInfo platform hosts custom applications targeted to business units across all campuses, with centralized reporting capability. Examples include the Conflict Of Interest/Consulting Activities reporting, Vehicle Use Authorization, and HRAA online training.
  3. Automated External Data Loads Enables third-party external software packages to integrate and automatically load finance transactions into Banner without manual intervention.
  4. Server Virtualization Converting the server farm to virtualized machines reduces investment in hardware infrastructure as well as reducing power consumption and space requirements.