Program Management

Ensure consistency in process, progress, reporting, and communication of the program, taking necessary action to achieve intended outcomes by demonstrating a significant set of institutional improvements in student experience and operational efficiency and by instituting a university-wide methodology for continuous, coordinated improvement. Support the teams working on the program by:

  • Guiding processes, analysis, and reporting.
  • Ensuring appropriate project management practices.
  • Managing project schedules, costs, risks, resources.
  • Synthesizing results across teams.
  • Facilitating four-campus perspective.
  • Communicating progress and results.
  • Reviewing and analyzing results.
  • Sharing responsibility for achieving results.
Anne Milkovich, Daniel Adams, David Court, Adam Edelman, Ellen Hall, Paul Lindsay, Brenda Mowers, Ila Saunders, Eric Wold
  1. Communications and ReportingThis web site platform has been developed to keep constituents informed and provide visibility and transparency of the program. A reporting structure and schedule has been developed in conjunction with the overall program schedule.
  2. MethodologyIndustry best practices in program management are being researched to develop a methodology for use at MSU for the purposes of classifying, selecting and prioritizing projects that will maximize program value and intended benefits.
  3. Institutional ImprovementsSub-teams are gathering information on student experience and operational efficiency "pain points" to inform the prioritization of project recommendations by functional area teams.
  4. Project Management SupportA program charter has been developed to articulate the goals and organizational structure of the program. Project managers and scribes have been assigned to assist teams with their individual goals and meet the objective of consistency in progress. Internal Audit support members are creating consistent processes for cataloging and analyzing project recommendations.