TeamRecruitment and Marketing
Review the MSU four-campus systemís recruitment and marketing practices and take necessary actions to achieve an integrated and coherent recruitment approach that reaches out to prospective students, positioning the four campuses of the MSU System as the Montana schools of choice.
Stacy Klippenstein, Shelly Anderson, Lindsey Brown, Tom Calcagni, Aaron Clingingsmith, Judy Hay, Bob Hietala, Cheri Johannes, Julie Kipfer, Pam Parsons, Jim Potter, Ronda Russell

The newly assembled Recruitment and Marketing team has identified the following goals to implement their charge:

  1. Serve a greater number of Montana Students.
  2. Allow for and support unique positioning of each campus within the comprehensive solution.
  3. Look for ways to reduce recruitment and marketing redundancies to realize efficiencies and increase satisfaction with studentsí experience.
  4. Increase overall understanding across Montana that the MSU four-campus system is their higher education solution of choice.