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Sustained Dialogue

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Student Program Coordinators:

Darby Lacey
Karli Kusler

Program Coordinators and Advisors

Meet the Coordinators:


Katie Chamberlin, Student Program Coordinator

Katie is a senior from Seattle, WA studying accounting and leadership. In addition to crunching numbers and daydreaming about surfing, she spends her time making Sustained Dialogue a strong voice on campus for social, cultural, ethnic, political, and humanistic understanding.

She also enjoys candle-lit dinners and long moon-lit walks on the beach.


Kiah Abbey, Student Program Coordinator

Kiah Abbey is a current MSU student in the political science department. She was born in Billings, Montana. She is a former NECO president, former ASMSU Student Body President, and Sustained Dialogue co-founder. She currently works with Forward Montana as a field organizer in Bozeman, MT. Throughout her time at MSU, she has been inspired by the incredible diligence of her peers in working to better Montana.

Meet Our Advisors:


Betsy Webb


Ariel Donohue