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MSU Today Submission Guidelines

MSU Today is a website that carries up-to-date items of interest to faculty and staff of Montana State University.

Information submitted to the MSU Today website and MSU Calendar may also appear in the MSU Today email, which is published on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings during the school year.

To submit an event to be considered for the calendar, website and email, visit

To submit an announcement to be considered for the website and email, visit

To be considered for inclusion in the MSU Today email, items must be submitted no later than 4 p.m. the day before the email is sent out.

The MSU Today website and MSU Today email are targeted specifically to MSU faculty and staff. Items of interest to students may be submitted to the MSU Calendar.

MSU Today does not accept items promoting sales, discounts, coupons or promotions of new or existing items or services of commercial, or campus-commercial entities. MSU Today does not accept items from non-campus entities. MSU Today does accept items promoting MSU-affiliated concerts, lectures, plays and other cultural and educational events that require the purchase of a ticket.

MSU Today includes these major categories:

  • Announcements

    Announcements will include such items as the deadline to turn in benefits paperwork; the date and time of regularly scheduled maintenance to the campus computing network; and a call for individuals interested in joining an MSU organization. These items should be roughly a paragraph in length. In general, construct your announcement by answering who, what, why, where and when.

  • Events

    Events include public lectures that might draw off-campus audiences. Examples include a lecture by a well-known author, historian or scientist. Jane Goodall's 2008 lecture sponsored by the MSU Leadership Institute is an example. Events differ from Meetings and Presentations by the type of audience and the degree of interest among a non-campus audience.

  • Concerts and Exhibits

    These can include either on-campus exhibits or those at the Museum of the Rockies.

MSU Today accepts notices of philanthropic solicitations from MSU organizations. Examples would be the MSU Range Club's holiday tree sale, the MSU Horticulture Club's annual plant sale, the MSU Chapter of EWB selling holiday cards to fund their work in Kenya, etc. MSU Today does not accept philanthropic solicitations from non-MSU entities.

Feedback, please

We welcome feedback about MSU Today--Information for Faculty and Staff. For more information or to submit comments, contact MSU News Service, at (406) 994-4571 or