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Welcome to the Montana Harvest of the Month Portal for Early Care and Education. The portal contains all electronic versions of the materials, outreach materials, guides, etc. The portal is only for registered HOM sites, do not forward this link to other organizations or facilities. Please share this link with your site's team members. HOM sites should bookmark this page since it cannot be found through the site navigation.

Harvest of the Month for Early Care and Education is currently being developed and piloted. The program will be launched statewide September 2018. Funds for this project were provided by the Montana Specialty Crop Block Grant.

If you have any questions about HOM for Early Care and Education, contact Kei Matsunami at or (406) 494-8672.

Whoa! The HOM Portal is for registered sites only, please only share this link with your team members.


Enter your lentil or chickpea recipes for a chance to win the Pulse of Montana Recipe Contest.

Welcome to the HOM portal for Early Care and Education, and thank you for participating in Montana Harvest of the Month!

Please ensure that you complete the Beginning of Year Survey within 30 days of registering.

If you were not able to attend the live introductory webinar, or wish to share this presentation with other team members, you can find the link to the 45 minute presentation under the “Trainings” section below.

Monthly Materials

Click on the images below to download each month's materials. Below is the 2018-19 calendar. Please note, the calendar will change in the future. 

 Archived Materials

While we prefer that your site follow the calendar set each year, we do allow for sites to change the order of the calendar to fit their needs. Below are the archived materials that are not featured in this year’s calendar.

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Getting Started

HOM 101 | Getting Started - All Audiences

HOM 101 | Classroom

HOM 101 | Kitchen

HOM 101 | Producer

Getting Started & Monthly Checklists

Taste Test Guide

Calendar August 2019- July 2020



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Promote Your Program

Participation Letter

See Monthly Materials above for:

  • Posters
  • Kitchen Bites
  • Classroom Bites
  • Harvest at Home
  • Menu Template
  • Newsletter Content and Social Media Posts
  • Signs for the Serving Line
  • Illustrations

Menu Template - August

Share Your Story - Let us know about your successes, favorite HOM recipes, great activities, etc.

  • If you are sharing photos, we prefer if you send signed USDA Photo Release Forms[BROKEN LINK] with them so we can use your photos to inspire others. 
  • Use #MTHarvestoftheMonth when posting your photos and stories about HOM on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Logos - Colored logos for each month can be found under each month's section above.


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Guides & Other Resources

Purchasing Local Food


Farm to Cafeteria Manual

Find Local Producers & Food Businesses

Activity Template

Taste Test Guide

Grow it, Try it, Like it!

Cooking with Kids Guide - coming soon

Cooking Cart Guide - coming soon


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Upcoming and archived trainings can be found here.

Harvest of the Month Intro Video

Harvest of the Month for ECE Intro Webinar

Harvest of the Month for Producers Training Video


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Beginning of Year Survey - REQUIRED

Monthly Report Survey - REQUIRED

Activity Tracking Sheet

Kitchen Tracking Sheet

End of Year Survey - REQUIRED

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