School Of Music

Academic Advising

There are six option heads responsible for academic advising: BME- Kristin Harney and Tobin Stewart, BA- Jon Harney and Stephen Versaevel, and BA-MTECH- Jason Bolte and Linda Antas. It is your responsibility to meet regularly throughout the semester with your academic advisor. Although students are fully responsible for their own academic decisions, it is to their advantage to attain close cooperation and understanding with their academic advisor.

Your advisor, or any member of the music faculty, is qualified to assist you with class conflicts, drop/adds, study problems, or any of the numerous problems that confront all students. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance. You should be familiar with the music curriculum and your particular degree requirements. This information may be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog. Furthermore, you should be aware of the Core curriculum requirements. You will find that many courses have already been chosen for you; however, there are some choices left for you to make (

Be prepared to discuss these courses with your academic advisor as soon as possible.