School Of Music


Please consult with your applied music instructor for a list of available accompanists. You are responsible for arranging for an accompanist if your applied instructor requires you to have one. You are also responsible for all financial arrangements. It is advisable to have a clear agreement with your accompanists prior to using their services.


All Applied Music students will be placed, by audition, at the appropriate level of applied study. Advancement to the next level of applied study will be by performance jury and with the approval of the Applied Music instructor. BME students must successfully complete one semester of MUSI 395 (Applied Music III) prior to student teaching. A recital or appearance on a recital as soloist must be completed prior to advancement to MUS 395.

Advancement Form (PDF Download)

Performance Seminar

All students enrolled in applied study must attend Performance Seminar. The content of the performance seminar will be flexible. Some Performance Seminars will be used for studio recitals, area recitals, (e. g. brass students), and Department student recitals. Other Performance Seminars will be used for master class situations, while other sessions may be used for discussions of literature, recordings, performance practices, auditioning, etc. Note that Performance Seminar is required of all music majors. No exceptions.


Each applied instructor will distribute an Applied Music syllabus describing the requirements and expectations of their studio. Students are expected to be familiar with these guidelines. Other Applied Music information you should know includes:

Applied Instructor Assignments

Applied Music instructor assignments are made by the respective faculty.

Changing Applied Instructors

Requests for a change in Applied Music instructor must be made in writing to the School Director. The School Director may ask for a meeting with the student in order to discuss the reason for the request.


All Applied Music students are expected to participate in the School of Music large ensemble program (band, choir, or orchestra).

Vocal students are required to sing in either University Chorus (MUSI 112) or Chorale (MUSI 312), exceptions require approval of the Applied Instructor and the Director of the School of Music.


All Applied Music students are expected to perform a jury (student performance for the faculty) at the end of each semester they are enrolled in Applied Study. Sign-up sheets are placed at various locations throughout Howard Hall. Check with your applied instructor for specific requirements and instructions.

Jury Form (PDF Download)

Lesson Length

Applied lessons are one-half hour in length. Lessons of greater length are at the discretion of the instructor.

Missed Lessons

If you must miss a lesson, it is courteous to notify your Applied Music instructor well in advance of the lesson time. Your applied instructor is not obligated to reschedule a lesson which you missed. If the applied instructor cancels a lesson due to illness or professional obligation, the instructor is expected to arrange a make-up lesson. It is the student's responsibility to avoid scheduling conflicts when arranging for private lessons.

Recital Appearance

A recital or appearance in a recital as soloist must be completed prior to advancement to MUSI 395. Approximately 5 student recitals per semester, on Tuesdays at 11 AM, allow students to perform on the stage of Reynolds Recital Hall.

The following recital procedures must be followed:

Students desiring to perform on the student recital program must complete the Student Recital Information form (SRI) in order to be included on the program. This SRI form can be found in the music office. The SRI lists information regarding the work to be performed, the performers, length of the work, accompanist, etc., and defines the stage equipment requirements for your performance. The form must be completed, signed by the Applied Music instructor, and returned to the music office no later than the Thursday preceding the student recital.

Junior/Senior Recitals

All students planning to perform a recital (either half or full), must enroll for MUSI 450. An additional fee assessed at registration is used to cover program printing, recording costs, a CD of the performance, piano tuning if necessary, monitors, and inclusion on the Department School of Music concert schedule.

  1. Publicity - The Bozeman Chronicle will publish short announcements of student recitals. In order for an article to appear in the Friday edition of the Chronicle's This Week section, copy must be submitted to the Chronicle Office by 5:00 PM on the preceding Friday.
  2. Policies - See the Building/Facilities Usage section of this document for Department policies regarding the student use of Reynolds Recital Hall.
  3. Students must complete a Student Recital Request Form located in the Music Office.
  4. A recital preview must be performed at least three weeks prior to the recital, for approval by the applied instructor and at least one other faculty member.