School Of Music

Miscellaneous Items

Bulletin Boards

Students should check the Howard Hall bulletin boards frequently. Faculty use the bulletin boards in the lobby, at the bottom of the ramp, and outside their respective studios to notify students of rehearsal schedules, advising matters, changes in events, meetings, etc. The lobby bulletin board is for the exclusive use of the School of Music faculty and staff. Personal student notices and announcements are not to be placed on this board, but may be placed on other boards in the building with permission from the music office.

Library Resources

Books, recordings, scores, periodicals, and printed music are located in various buildings across campus. Howard Hall contains performance libraries of band, choral, and orchestral music and an extensive collection of concert recordings for checkout. With the conductor's permission, students may use the band, choral and orchestral performance libraries. Renne Library contains all books on music (i.e. histories, biographies, music teaching, music reference), a sizable collection of music periodicals and CDs, and the MSU Chamber Music library.


Information on copyright law:

School of Music office personnel have been asked not to photocopy any copyrighted material. Students and faculty are expected to abide by the law.

The School of Music copier is not for student use. Please respect this policy by photocopying elsewhere.


The telephones in the Department of Music Office are business telephones. Please do not ask to use these telephones for your personal calls except in the event of an emergency. In the hall outside Room 172 there is a telephone that is available for student use for local calls.