School Of Music

Jonathan Ford

Adjunct Instructor
Double Bass Studio

Jonathan Ford received his musical training in California, where he learned to play double bass, baritone horn, euphonium and tuba. He has played in groups conducted by Alberto Bolet, Mehli Mehta and Frederick Fennell.  While majoring in the hard sciences, he continued in music with the University of California at Davis Symphony. He has played many full seasons with the Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras ensembles in the southern part of Montana, and more occasionally the orchestras in the northern part of the state. He has been principal double bass for The Bozeman Symphony since the mid 1980's, and is the double bass in the pit orchestras of the Montana Ballet and the Intermountain Opera. He taught double bass in the Department of Music for seven years in the 1990's. He is recently retired as Managing Director of Environmental Services, a facilities maintenance operation at Montana State University, and has now returned to the Department of Music in a reprise of his former role.