School Of Music

Gregory Young

Interim School Director, Music
Clarinet Studio

186 Howard Hall

Gregory Young is Interim Director of the School of Music at Montana State University and was the founding director of the Undergraduate Scholars Program and University College. He has served as Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Assistant Dean of the College of Arts & Architecture. Currently principal clarinetist with the Intermountain Opera Orchestra, he received a bachelor's degree in music education from the University of Western Ontario, and master's and doctoral degrees in music from the University of Michigan. Young has taught at the University of Prince Edward Island, Memorial University of Newfoundland, the University of Western Ontario, and has lectured or performed on five continents. The United States Information Agency sponsored his concert tour of Brazil with the Kreutzer Trio and soprano Elizabeth Croy, and he has toured as soloist and conductor of the MSU Cello Ensemble throughout Europe and China. As clarinet soloist and composer, he toured Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand with the MSU Symphony in 2009. His book, “Creative Inquiry in the Arts & Humanities: Models of Undergraduate Research”, with co-editors Shanahan and Yavneh, was published in 2011 by the Council on Undergraduate Research.

Flathead Lake Music Camp
Idaho Montana Clarinet Festival