The drum major is the most visible member of the marching band. He/she conducts the band during field shows, in the stands, and at numerous other events. The drum majors are also is primarily responsible for teaching marching technique to the band during band camp. Because this position is so paramount to the success of the band, only those members that consistently display outstanding characteristics of leadership, attitude, and musicality will be selected for drum major.

Priorities of the Position:

  1. Conduct the Band
  2. Teaching Marching Technique
  3. Represent the Band (be the face of the band)
  4. Focus the Band during rehearsals
  5. Work with outside organizations for band appearances
  6. Meet weekly to rehearse and plan for the band

Audition Schedule

Phase Activity Date
Training Attend training sessions (optional)

Fridays 4:30pm

Conduct the Pep Band (optional)

As assigned
Attend application session (required) 3/21
Completed Application DUE 3/25
1st Round 
Marching Teaching with all potential leaders AM 3/26
Panel Interview with directors PM 3/26
Conducting auditions with directors (Ladders/tempo test) PM 3/26
Final Round Formal Audition with band and selection panel 3/28


2016 List of Tunes for the Audition:

How the West Was Won (required)

Your choice of one of the following:


  • Land of 1000
  • Uptown Funk
  • Counting Stars 

Selection Process

All interested students are encouraged to attend the drum major training sessions at the beginning of the semester. These are not required, but you will learn valuable skills that will help you in the audition process. You will not be allowed to conduct the pep band (for practice only) if you do not attend at least two of these three sessions.

The preliminary round is open to all interested students. To register as an applicant, you must attend Leadership Training Session I. Here you will learn about the application process and sign up for times to teach marching fundamentals and complete your interview with the directors. Upon completion of all of the interviews, you will receive notification of who will be moving on to the finals.

Candidates who show themselves to be outstanding will be invited to audition in the final round. The final round will be evaluated independently of the first round with the top candidate(s) winning the position of drum major.

  1. The conducting audition will be observed and scored by a panel of judges.
  2. The band will provide feedback on how they feel each candidate will represent them as drum major.

The directors do NOT make the final determination of who will be drum major unless there is discrepancy between the judges and the band. Anyone who passes the first round will have the directors complete support in the position.

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