Section Leader


The section leader is primarily responsible for representing and relaying information to the members of their section. They are required to record attendance for their section, communicate call times and uniform requirements, reinforce the instructional objectives of the band, and check the members of their section for music, marching, and general understanding. In order to meet these goals, it is expected that section leaders hold a 45-minute sectional once every week. It is also expected that section leaders take the lead on establishing an appropriate level of fun and focus during rehearsals. This may include section “hypes” and/or creating section policies. Section leaders are to report misconduct or failure of members of their section to meet the instruction objectives of the band to the directors.

Priorities of the Position (in order of importance):

  1. See to the needs of the section (inform, administrate, and support)
  2. Reinforce marching/playing/spinning technique and lead sectionals
  3. Focus section during rehearsals (serve as model member)
  4. Represent your section in leadership meetings

Audition Schedule

Phase Activity Date
Leadership Day Leadership Session I (Required) 3/16
Completed Application DUE 4/10
Audition Process Panel Interview with directors 4/10-12

Demonstration of skills

  1. Playing/Choreography
  2. Marching
Leadership Retreat For All Student Leaders 4/24


Selection Process

Section leaders fill a crucial role within the band. They inform, teach, and represent the individuals in their section.

The directors will decide upon the best candidate(s) for captain based upon the following criteria:

  1. Skills, attitude, participation in past season(s)
  2. Information on leadership application
  3. Performance demonstration
  4. Panel Interview Performance Audition
  5. Feedback from band members