Annual MSU American Indian Council Pow Wow

The 40th Annual MSU AIC Powwow will be held on April 3rd & 4th, 2015

The Results from this Years 40th Annual Powwow (April 3-4, 2015)
--------Congratulations to the following:

Adult Mens Traditional:
- Hunter Blassinggame, Missoula, MT
- Devan Kicknoway, Ottowa Ontario
- Marquis Leighton, Spokane, WA

Adult Mens Fancy:
- Jr Gooselodge
- Jonathon Nomee, Courdalene, ID
- Logan Reeder, Logan, UT

Adult Mens Grass:
- Jude Phelan, Mandaree, MT
- Ron Kickingwomen, Browning, MT
- Terrance Goodwill, Maple Creek, SK

Teen Boys Traditional:
- Ty Carter, Onion Lake, SK
- Kelsey Starblanket, Starblanket, SK
- Ike Carpenter, St Ignatius, MT

Teen Boys Fancy:
- Chaz Baker, Rocky Boy, MT
- Xander Little Thunder, Sioux
- Riley Spoonhunter, Riverton

Teen Boys Grass:
- Siksik S. Robe

Junior Boys Traditional:
- Landon Walksoverice, Hardin, MT
- Brock Prettyontop, Hardin, MT
- Thomas Addison, St Ignatius

Junior Boys Fancy:
- Jovi Starblanket, Manitoba
- Talon Addison, St Ignatius
- Kason Nicholoson, Billings, MT

Junior Boys Grass:
- Bowen Simpson, Lame Deer, MT
- Sodizin Medicinbull, Ashland, MT
- Otters S. Robe, Whiteswam

Adult Womens Traditional:
- Holei Eaglespeaks, Browning, MT
- Lacey Bacon, Tucson, AZ
- Dee Ledoux, Canada

Adult Womens Fancy:
- Nadine Obey, Regina, SK
- Mikayla Sunrhodes, Ethete
- Michelle Kipp, Emigrant

Adult Womens Jingle:
- Jennifer Youngbear, Missoula, MT
- Gabrielle Knife, Rapid City, ND
- Anika Top Sky

Teen Girls Traditional:
- Kallie Scott, Lame Deer, MT
- Courney Arriwite, Pocatello, ID
- Jade Ironshirt, Browning, MT

Teen Girls Fancy:
- Autumn Johnson, Warm Springs
- Kaylee Soldierwolf, Lame Deer, MT
- Madison Baptiste

Teen Girls Jingle:
- Danaiya Polk, Browning, MT
- Kylee White, Lapwai, ID
- Sierra Simpson, Lame Deer, MT

Junior Girls Traditional:
- Rae Croff, Browning, MT
- Alyona Spoonhunter, Riverton
- Karis Goodstriker, Standoff, AB

Junior Girls Fancy:
- Sugar Spoonhunter, Browning, MT
- Tayaha Fromboise, Harlem, MT
- Ivy Fox, Newtown, ND

Junior Girls Jingle:
- Mikayla Ridesthegrayhorse, Siksika, AB
- Kree Star Burnett, Ronan, MT
- Heaven Oldcoyote, Ethete

Golden Age Mens:
- Jonathon Windyboy, Rocky Boy, MT
- Pat Ironcloud, Ethete
- G Brucemyers, Rocky Boy, MT

Golden Age Womens:
- Joey Jayce, Arlee, MT
- Melinda Goodwill, Jumping Deer, SK
- Janet George, Goldendale, WA


Mens Chicken:
- Sheldon Scalpock Sr, Red Mesa, AZ
- Nat Iron Heart, Lethbride, AB
- Sheldon Scalpock Jr, Siksik, AB

Teen Boys Chicken:
- Garyson Johnson, Warm Springs
- Ty Lodgepole, Bozeman
- Jace Oldelk, Ethete

Drum Contest:
- Young Bear
- Bull Horn
- Rock Hill

Drum Non-Contest:
- Yellow Eagle
- Kicking Woman
- Lonesome Soul
- Lame Deer
- Bear Canyon

2015 MSU AIC Powwow

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Please note: There are only 10x10 spaces left for vendors. The cost is $300, unless the application is postmarked after March 13, 2015. Then the cost is $350.

Please send a check/money order payable to American Indian Club (not council) and the completed, signed application & agreement form to:

American Indian Club
C/O Lisa Zeilinger
P.O Box 172340
Bozeman, MT 59717


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