Bandstra, Abbie

Graduate Teaching Assistant


From: Livingston, MT

Research Interests: Investigation of teacher training in and around Indian Education for All with particular attention to the deconstruction of radicalized teacher identity, Native women's reproductive healthcare and justice, cultural feminist theory, Native poets as activists and human rights poetry. 

Leisure activities: Most all things active, friends, mountains, and spending time with her dogs Walter and Bjornn.


Bryce Tim

Bryce, Timothy




Byrne, Kathleen


Of Irish, German extraction, born in Ghana West Africa

Occupation: Native American Studies Graduate Student, Educator, Adjunct Faculty MSU

Research Interests: Cross cultural communication, School issues e.g.: retention

"Certainty is the death of dialogue"


Doyle, Lynn




Glenn, Roberta


Harrar, Bessina




Martin, Larry


Tribe: Crow Nation

From: Crow Agency, MT

Research Interests: Language/Sign Language Revitalization, Curriculum Development



Newby, Alexander

Graduate Teaching Assistant

O'Donnell, Bill




Perry, Jeremy


Tribe: Eastern Shoshone Fort Washakie, Wyoming Wind River Reservation

Research Interest: Focus on Tribal Regulations an Policy dealing with Tribes in Energy and Minerals


Pearson, Fox



Megan Singer

Singer, Meg Noël


Tribe: Enrolled citizen of the Navajo Nation--Cameron, AZ Chapter

Born: Salt Lake City, Utah

Research Interests: Indianist Operas of 20th Century, Navajo Literature and Poetics, language revitalization efforts, decolonization methodologies, Native American literature and film, and "Hand Talk" or Plains Indian Sign Language.




Red Haircrow

Smith, Dione (Red Haircrow)


Tribes: Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee

Location: USA/Germany

Occupation: Writer/poet, news correspondent, counselor and chef

Research Interests: Intergenerational trauma, causal factors, mental health issues and suicide among native populations



Stevens, Cheyenne

Graduate Teaching Assistant


From: Bozeman, MT

Research Interests: Native American representation in museums and film, language revitalization, and education



Tramel, Nichole


From: Michiana (Southwestern Michigan, Northern Indiana)

Occupation: Montana State University Architectural Records Manager/Archivist and Massage Therapist

Research Interest: Pueblo history; landscape ethnohistory; history of anthropology/archaeology; heritage management and education

“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over.  Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center.” -Kurt Vonnegut  


Thurston, Colleen


Tribe: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Research interest: Contemporary Native Cinema



Walker, Ethan


Born: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

Recent: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Research interests: The Image of Native Americans in Fine Art from the 19th Century to the Present



West, Leslie


From: Northern California

Occupation: Professor of Dance and Humanities at Mendocino College

Lecturer - Dance History and Dance in World Cultures - Sonoma State University

Research Interests:  Native American art, with an emphasis on the indigenous people of the Northwest coast and the arctic.  I have traveled extensively in Alaska, British Columbia, and arctic Canada, studying Native cultural groups; their history, traditions, beliefs, and creative expressions. I also teach Native American Art and am especially interested in Native American artists working today and how their work relates to their homeland, family lineage, and history.   

Updated: 11/13/2014