NCAA Athletics Certification
Self-Study 2001-2002

Montana State University-Bozeman

Welcome to the Montana State University-Bozeman's web site for the NCAA athletics certification self-study. President Geoffrey Gamble appointed Dr. Larry Baker, Associate Dean of the College of Education, Health, and Human Development, to chair the Steering Committee for this comprehensive self-study to identify strengths and weaknesses of MSU-Bozeman's intercollegiate athletics.

This year-long study began in October 2001 with the selection of a steering committee to oversee the subcommittees in analyzing and writing the self-study report. Four areas studied were Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance; Academic Integrity; Fiscal Integrity; and Equity, Welfare and Sportsmanship. The subcommittees were chaired by University faculty and staff and each charged with reviewing the NCAA's operating principles for their area. Subcommittee chairs were Dr. Richard Howard (Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance), Dr. Christine Lamb (Academic Integrity), Dr. George Tuthill (Fiscal Integrity), and Dr. Susan Capalbo (Equity, Welfare and Sportsmanship). The members of each of the subcommittees can be found in the Written Plan for the Self-Study.

The final self-study report is posted here for review by MSU-Bozeman faculty, students, staff, and community members. This report has been forwarded to the NCAA. The self-study campus review will be in October 2002.

For complete details of the self-study review process, view the Written Plan. All appendices referred to in the self-study are on file and anyone with an interest should contact the Steering Committee Chair, Dr. Larry Baker.