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The MSU News Service now provides news releases online in an RSS (Rich Site Summary) format. Using RSS software, such as newsreaders, news aggregators, tickers or other RSS software, users can subscribe to newsfeeds and receive automatic updates of current releases. There is no fee to use this service. The MSU RSS newsfeed is updated continuously, with new releases usually published each business day. The feed provides a summary that includes release headlines, dates, lead text and links to the full articles.

There are RSS software packages available as shareware, freeware, or for purchase on most operating systems, including Windows, Macintosh and Unix. To find out more about RSS software, see "About RSS" and "RSS Software" below. MSU does not warranty or recommend any specific software. Users should review and select software that best fits their system and preferences.

Using RSS-compliant software, subscribe to the URL below. Note: This URL will not work with a Web browser alone, but requires RSS client software.


You will now have access to the most recent MSU news stories as they are posted. The features and tools for managing the feed will vary depending on the software. News tickers, for instance, operate differently from news aggregators. Most software has documentation that explains the options.

Because there are so many different software packages available and the RSS standard is still evolving, MSU cannot provide technical support. Currently our news feed is RSS version 0.92 compliant. We have tested for reliable operation using several software packages and found a high degree of compatibility. Links to several RSS software packages are listed below, but there are also many others available.

About RSS:
USC Online Journalism Review
The (UK) Guardian
Explanation of RSS

RSS Software:
AmphetaDesk (cross-platform freeware)
Awasu (Win freeware)
Headline Viewer (Win freeware)
NewsDesk (Win freeware)
RSS Reader (Win freeware)
NewzCrawler (Win shareware)
RDF-Ticker (Win shareware)
NetNewsWire (Mac freeware and shareware versions)
MacReporter (Mac shareware, requires MSU plugin)
HotSheet (Java freeware)