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NPTT program students are charged a flat rate of tuition. There is no difference in cost for in-state and out-of-state students if enrolled in NPTT courses.

The current rate of tuition is $350 per credit, making our three-credit courses $1,050 each for our three-credit courses. There are associated fees for registration and textbook costs for each course. The fees typically do not exceed $60 and are often much less. The grand total for the cost of tuition for the program is $10,500 to $12,600 depending on the track you complete (paid intern or student teacher). As courses run sequentially, not concurrently, students typically do not have expenditures that exceed $1,100(excluding books and fees) at any one time (with the exception of student teaching – which is six credits).

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to NPTT students most (but not all) semesters. In order to qualify it is required that you file the FASFA form and follow MSU procedures for applying for financial aid. Financial aid for graduate students is typically in the form of student loans.

More information regarding Financial Aid can be found on our Financial Aid page.