Is NPTT Right for Me?

Please consider the following when determining if the NPTT program is right for you:

  • I hold a bachelor's degree in a teachable subject area (or the course equivalent of a major in a content area) with at 2.75 average grade point average and I have a post-bachelor's grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  • I have at least five years of post-bachelors work experience showing progressive responsibility.
  • Do I want to be a secondary education teacher (high school/middle school)?
  • I can actively engage in computer technologies.
  • I am self-motivated.
  • Kids will find me interesting.
  • I have the ability to obtain a teaching job.
  • This is the right time in my life to make this change?
  • I have the ability to be successful in a competitive and challenging graduate school courses.