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Conditional Admission

On rare occasions applicants may be admitted conditionally. These applicants typically appear to be exceptional candidates for the teaching profession but are not currently close to meeting the content requirements for the endorsement area they seek. These applicants have more than six credits of content area deficiencies to make up, but less than 12-15 credits, and will not be allowed to join a cohort until they are within the six credit window specified for Provisional Admission.

When the applicant has six or fewer credits of content area deficiencies remaining they may enter the next available cohort, space permitting, without submitting a new application (all content area course work must be pre-approved through the Academic & Student Services Advisor and new official transcripts provided to prove content preparation). These students will not be considered for licensure recommendation until they complete the NPTT courses, internship, required portfolio (Appendix A) review and all identified content area deficiencies.

Applicants admitted to this category will have one academic year to make up the content area deficiencies and join a cohort.