Completing the licensure process is certainly the apex of the NPTT student's experience. It is the responsibility of each student to apply for licensure in the appropriate state immediately following the completion of the NPTT program.

Each state has its own requirements for applying for licensure. It is important to note that NPTT and MSU only complete the Institutional Recommendation for Licensure form, and do not file for licensure for you. Please do not send your application packet to the NPTT office.

Licensure Checklist

  • Completed all NPTT coursework successfully
  • Sent Praxis II scores to NPTT office
  • E-mail NPTT for the Qualifying for Licensure form
  • Sent Institutional Recommendation form only to NPTT office (DO NOT SEND FULL APPLICATION)
  • Asked specific licensure questions to state licensing authority (if you have any)
  • No outstanding balances with Montana State University
  • All Content Area Deficiencies completed
  • Completion of all NPTT Signature Assignments (for student who completed coursework prior to Summer of 2014, click here)

For information on applying for licensure in our partner states, please see the following links:

Montana: Office of Public Instruction 
Contact Lorri or Bekki at 406-444-3150 with questions.

Wyoming: Professional Teaching Standards Board 
Contact PTSB at 800-675-5893

South Dakota: Department of Education 
Contact Roxie Thielin at 605-773-4669 or email