Courses and Requirements


Course Descriptions: NPTT consists ten or elevn courses under the Education, Curriculum and Instruction rubric - EDCI (depending on completion plan) . All students take EDCI 552-559 and EDCI 540 as well as one of the two options for EDCI 598. Student Teachers also take EDCI 564 in addition to all other coursework.

  • EDCI 552: Human Development and the Psychology of Learning
  • EDCI 553: Diversity, Special Needs, and Classroom Discipline
  • EDCI 554: Curriculum Design, Pedagogy, and Assessment
  • EDCI 558: Methods of Teaching
  • EDCI 559: Equity, Special Needs, and Diversity
  • EDCI 555: Technology, Instructional Design, and Learner Success
  • EDCI 556: The Legal, Social, and Practical Basis of Schooling
  • EDCI 557: Brain Science, Educational Research, and Teaching
  • EDCI 540: American Indian Studies for Educators
  • EDCI 598: Paid Internship (1 Credit, and 2 credits – must be taken for a total of 3 credits over 2 semesters)
  • EDCI 598: Student Teaching (6 credits)
    EDCI 564: The Comprehensive Portfolio (taken by Student Teachers only)

Please see the Course Descriptions document for detailed course descriptions.

NPTT Program Completion

A student’s plan of completion depends on when they enter the program (cohort number) and what practicum option is chosen. Please see Schedules on our webpage.

Students are expected to progress through the program phases.  This means to “make continual progress”, as stated in the memorandum of understanding with NPTT.

Students have the option of:

  • Completing Phase 1-3 before the practicum.
  • Beginning the practicum within 2 years of the start of Phase 2.

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