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Courses and Requirements


Course Descriptions: NPTT consists of eight three-credit graduate courses under the Education, Curriculum and Instruction rubric (EDCI) numbered 552 through 559, and practicum credits for either one or five credits.

Please see the Course Descriptions document for detailed course descriptions.

Course Delivery: We deliver courses through the MSU Extended University via Desire2Learn, the chosen learning management system of Montana State University.

NPTT Coursework

COURSE WORK (25-30 credits total)


Year 1 Coursework
9 credits

EDCI 552 (3 credits)
Human Development & the Psychology of Learning

Courses are delivered in a cohort (groups of students completing courses together).  Cohorts begin four times a year—September, December, February and April.

EDCI 553 (3 credits)
Diversity, Special Needs, and Classroom Management

EDCI 554 (3 credits)
Curriculum Design, Pedagogy, and Assessment


EDCI 598 (1-6 credits)
Practicum (1 credit for paid internship option, 6 credits for student teaching option)

EDCI 598 Fall and Spring Semesters
May be completed in either year two or three

Year 2 Coursework
12 credits
(excluding practicum)

EDCI 558 (3 credits)
Methods of Teaching

EDCI 558 and 559 Fall Semester
EDCI 555 Spring Semester

EDCI 559 (3 credits)
Equity, Special Needs, Diversity

EDCI 555 (3 credits)
Technology, Instructional Design, and Learner Success


EDCI 556 (3 credits)
The Legal, Social, and Practical Basis of Schooling

EDCI 556 Spring Semester

EDCI 557 Summer  Semester

EDCI 557 (3 credits)
Brain Science, Educational Research, and Teaching

Candidates are eligible for full licensure after completion of all eight courses and all requirements of the practicum, including professional portfolio review and completion of any content deficiencies.  Practicum may be completed in year two or three.

Year 3
Master of Education
6 credits

EDCI 540 (3 credits)
American Indian Studies for Educators

EDCI 540 Fall , Spring and Summer Semesters (Summer or Fall preferred)

EDCI 564 Fall and Spring Semesters

EDCI 564 (3 credits, offered Spring only)
The Comprehensive Portfolio