Current Students

NPTT students have two paths to complete NPTT and its requirements. Students either complete the program as Paid Interns, or as Student Teachers. Your full plan for NPTT completion is dependent on which path you take. For the full program completion plan please see the following documents:

Paid Interns

Student Teachers

Phase 1

Phase 1 of Northern Plains Transition to Teaching is a very exciting and busy time! Phase 1 spans approximately 26 weeks and consists of three eight-week courses with a one week break in between each course. We begin four cohorts of students per academic year beginning in September, December, February, and April.

More information on Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 2 consists of the following courses:

  • EDCI 558: Methods of Teaching
  • EDCI 559: Equity, Special Needs, and Diversity

Phase 3

Phase 3 consists of the following courses:

  • EDCI 555: Technology, Instructional Design, and Learner Success
  • EDCI 556: The Legal, Social, and Practical Basis of Schooling
  • EDCI 557: Brain Science, Educational Research, and Teaching

The Practicum (EDCI 598)
Paid Interns:  Students are eligible after Phase 1 (3 credits).  
Student Teachers:  Students are eligible after Phase 2 (6 credits).  
All coursework can be completed after Phases 1-3.  Students must begin the practicum within two years from the beginning of Phase 2.

Phase 4

Phase 4 of the NPTT program consists of EDCI 564: The Comprehensive Portfolio. This course is taken by Student Teachers only as part of their professional preparation for the M.Ed. It is taken following all NPTT coursework and EDCI 598: Student Teaching.

EDCI 540
EDCI 540: American Indian Studies for Educators is a required course in the NPTT course sequence. This course is offered three times per calendar year and can be taken any time. Students must choose a time to take this course that works best for them and their cohort schedule.