Contact Information

It is required of all NPTT Students that you maintain regular contact with your email account, as important and time-sensitive information is conveyed via email only. Please be sure to check your email at LEAST EVERY OTHER DAY.

Updating Contact Information

In order for us to provide program participants with information and updates, we need to have the most recent contact information available to us. The same requirement is necessary for the university. Because the NPTT student database and MSU student database are not linked it is necessary for program participants to ensure that both are provided with contact information updates. To update your contact information with the NPTT office, send the information via e-mail.

You must also update all contact information with MyInfo in order to keep maintain compliance with Montana State University.

Establish an Email Account

It is not unlikely for participants to move to a new town to accept their first teaching position. This typically requires them to get a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) and e-mail address. Sometimes keeping the information updated so that you do not miss important notifications can be a challenge. Establishing an e-mail account on Google, Yahoo, MSN or Hotmail can alleviate this issue somewhat, but these systems can also be finicky with group e-mails, (which we send to cohort groups) sending them to junk folders where they are easily missed. With these issues in mind, you should know that is possible and perhaps preferable to establish an MSU student e-mail account once enrolled in the program. It is possible to check the account from anywhere online. Student accounts are generated automatically after enrollment and accessible through MyMSU