In order to protect the health of all campus based students, the Health History Form and TB Screening form (with proof of immunizations) is required of all campus based students before they may register for classes, or engage in any MSU activity. This is managed by having a hold automatically placed on student's records as soon as they are admitted to MSU. While the Student Health Services does understand that students in a distance education program such as our own will likely never step foot on campus, for health safety reasons (requiring a conservative approach) they will only suspend the holds for students one semester at a time should you choose to not submit your immunization records. Further, if you were born in or prior to 1956 you are eligible for a full waiver by calling the Student Health Service office at 406-994-2311.

By filling out the Health History Form (both pages), you provide the Student Health Service with the necessary documentation to permanently expire the immunization hold, eliminating it as a potential registration stumbling block once and for all. For this reason we strongly encourage you to complete the form and return it to Student Health Services as soon as possible. If you choose not to complete this form, it will be your responsibility to contact the Student Health Service each semester to have you hold postponed. You will not receive a reminder from the NPTT office to do so.

Should you have questions about the Health History Form, or any of the information requested on it, please contact Student Health Services (406-994-2311 – they do not have an email address) directly. Again, should you choose to not complete the Health History Form, you will be responsible for having you hold waived each semester by contacting the Student Health Services office directly.