About the Practicum



The practicum is a supervised teaching experience, and is a required part of the NPTT program. There are two options to completing the practicum—the paid internship or student teaching.

Practicum Options

  • Paid Interns

    NPTT paid internship requires an application, due by August 1st prior to the beginning of the academic year. Read the NPTT Practicum Policy for important information prior to applying.   

     The paid internship is an academic yearlong contracted teaching position in an accredited public or private school.  To qualify, the teaching position must be in the NPTT student’s major area of teaching endorsement and a Montana Class 5 teaching license (or appropriate license to the state in which the teaching takes place) once a contract has been signed.  The paid internship requires consecutive enrollment in 1 credit of EDCI 598 fall semester and 2 credits of EDCI 598 spring semester, spanning the academic year.

     Once the NPTT student is hired to teach, an application for the paid internship can be obtained by contacting annette.carson@montana.edu.  

  • Student Teachers

    NPTT student teaching requires an application and necessary documents (detailed below) submitted prior to the deadline. Read the NPTT Practicum Policy for important information prior to applying.  NPTT student teaching requires enrollment in 6 credits of EDCI 598 during MSU fall or spring semester, for approximately 14 weeks. 

    Required documents to student teach due before application will be considered:

    • Fingerprinting Packet:  A cleared current criminal background check on file at MSU Field Placement Office (completed within 12 months prior to the start of student teaching; requires approximately 6 weeks to obtain; packet can be mailed to you upon request) DIRECTIONS; or a copy of a Wyoming current substitute teaching license
      • Request for Redissemination form to accompany the background check (enables MSU to share the results of the criminal background check with the sponsoring school district)
      • Two copies of the MSU Consent and Release form to accompany your criminal background check fingerprint card
      • First Aid/CPR certification
      • Proof of liability insurance done within the academic year of the student teaching experience, or online
      • A current resume (PDF) tailored for a student teaching position
      • A one page teaching philosophy (PDF)
        • a brief (no more than one page) document written in first person that allows the reader to better understand your beliefs about teaching and learning in your classroom. When writing a teaching philosophy, consider the following: How will I facilitate learning? Why do I teach the way that I do? What does this look like in practice? How do I evaluate learning?


    The application can be obtained by contacting annette.carson@montana.edu