Practicum FAQ



What do I need to do to get licensed?

NPTT students must successfully complete all coursework, all content deficiencies, the practicum.  Students have two options for completing the practicum—the paid internship or student teaching.

What is the NPTT practicum?

The practicum is a supervised teaching experience, and is a required part of the NPTT program. There are two options to completing the practicum—the paid internship or student teaching.

When am I eligible?

Students are eligible for the paid internship option when they have passed EDCI 552, 553 and 554, and passed the Praxis II content exam for their major and minor areas of teaching endorsement through NPTT. Students are eligible for the student teaching option when they have completed all of the above, plus successful completion of EDCI 558 and 559. Permission must be granted from NPTT Steering Committee to student teach.

How do I find a teaching position for the practicum?

Students are encouraged to substitute teach, tutor or volunteer in the school. School observations are encouraged in EDCI 552, 553, 554 and required in EDCI 558. Teaching positions can be found on state office of public education sites and through MSU Career Services.

What if I don't find a teaching position?

Students should continue to take all NPTT courses and continue to seek a part time or full time paid internship. Those students who have completed all coursework and have not been able to find a teaching position should consider the student teaching option.

Should I consider student teaching?

Students who have completed all coursework, who have been actively seeking a teaching position, and who may be place-bound in their communities, should consider student teaching option.

If you have any questions about the NPTT practicum (paid internship or student teaching), please contact