In many ways engaging in distance delivered courses is more time consuming that classroom based courses. The trade-off then is that you get to choose when to expend the time required. The danger is in thinking that you can "fit it in". The more successful and less stressed student's budget the time they need to spend on their NPTT coursework into their schedules (think about 15 - 20 hours per week). Students are encouraged to keep on top of their NPTT work and to communicate with their instructors and academic advisor earlier rather than later (or not at all) should they encounter difficulties or scheduling conflicts. Particularly during year 2, we encourage our students not to engage in extracurricular activities (such as coaching or club advising) which may interfere with your program participation.

Our NPTT courses operate on a compressed time schedule, with coursework equivalent to 15 week semester compressed into eight weeks. Because the NPTT courses are compressed into just over half the amount of time as a standard course, you could consider budgeting 15 - 20 hours per week, per class. Keep in mind that depending on the individual student and course, the actual requirement may be more or less time.