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Current Students - Year 1

Year 1

Year 1 of Northern Plains Transition to Teaching is a very exciting and busy time! The "academic year" spans approximately 26 weeks and consists of three eight-week courses with a one week break in between each course. We begin four cohorts of students per academic year beginning in September, December, February, and April.

Year 1 Courses

  • EDCI 552: Human Development and the Psychology of Learning
  • EDCI 553: Diversity, Special Needs, and Classroom Discipline
  • EDCI 554: Curriculum Design, Pedagogy, and Assessment

Technology Skills for NPTT

Please review the Technology Skills for NPTT document to better understand the = basic technology skills and applications with which you should be competent in order to be technologically ready for NPTT.

Content Area Deficiencies

If you were admitted to NPTT Provisionally and have content area deficiencies to make up, completing them during Year 1 is strongly advised. Any course substitution will need to be pre-approved by Jamie O'Callaghan using the following electronic form:

Please submit the form to Jamie via email as an attachment at

Know your student admission status

Additional Information and Documents

I'm Admitted to NPTT – Now What?

Year 1 Timeline

Content Area Deficiency Substitution Request Form