Kate Hallowell

Kate Geraets

B.A. (Urban Studies) - University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

I grew up on the great prairies of Southwestern Minnesota and was soon enchanted by what city life had to offer as I attended college in Minneapolis. I studied urban landscapes, how we interact with them, and they with us. After graduation, I found myself in the tiny (and not at all urban) fishing town of Seward, Alaska. I spent two summers slinging fish and enjoying the beauty that is Alaska. Not yet ready to trade the mountains back in for prairie, I've found myself in Bozeman! 
I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful program. Growing up the daughter of a high school teacher, I've come to appreciate the dedication, passion, and grit it takes to be a teacher. It is really a thrill to help realize that dream for others! When I'm not hanging out in Reid Hall, I love to be outside. Whether it be running, snapping pictures, camping, hiking, reading; I am really happy to be outdoors, enjoying what Montana has to offer!