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Overseas Teachers

Welcome to the next step in becoming a certified teacher

Many students have been served through NPTT while they teach in secondary schools worldwide.  Here’s what you need to know:

How much does NPTT cost?
The total cost is between $9,000-$12,000 for 31 credits ($350 a credit).

How long does it take to complete the NPTT program?
During academic year one, students take three classes and during academic year two, five classes.  At the end of year 2 students are eligible to be fully licensed teachers. The following academic year, there are two additional classes for completion of the Master’s degree. 

What can NPTT do for me?
As soon as you complete the first three classes you can apply for teaching positions with an alternative teaching certificate (or license) or continue in your current teaching position. 

You will earn a full teaching certificate and a Masters of Education degree through Montana State University.

How does NPTT work?
All classes are taken online through Montana State University.  Each class is eight weeks long.  Students interact with each other through discussions and assignments.  Students take one class at a time.  Classes are taught by MSU professors or master teachers currently practicing in K-12 schools. 

Who do I talk to about NPTT?
 Contact Academic and Student Services Advisor Jamie O’Callaghan. She is available any time to discuss the program and admissions, answer your questions about program basics and specifics, discuss concerns, and develop a plan for your success and program completion. Jamie can be reached at

More questions about NPTT and if we are the right program for you? Contact Jamie O'Callaghan and see our FAQ page here: