Montana State University is proud to announce a newly-created Donated Sick Leave Pool (DSLP). This program provides a central reserve of sick leave hours, sustained entirely by voluntary employee donation, and makes those hours available to eligible applicants. Through DSLP, MSU is now able to offer an alternative program via which to assist eligible colleagues in need. 

The concept for the DSLP originated with the ADVANCE Project TRACS grant and was developed with input from University stakeholders. This program operates in tandem with, and is permitted under, the existing Sick Leave Donation policy 1045.00.  The original program (policy 1045.00) remains available for donations direct to specific individuals.

How does it work?

To donate: Eligible contributors wishing to donate some of their accumulated sick leave, simply complete the Contribution Form. Leave balances are available here

To request leave: individuals in need of donated sick leave complete the DSLP Application Form. 

Review process: Application Forms, and supporting materials, will be reviewed by Human Resources to ensure the required criteria are met.  Allocation of hours will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Please Remember: 

Contribution to the DSLP is entirely voluntary, so the amount of hours in the Pool may fluctuate, and could be zero. Donated hours are unfunded (policy 1045.20).  Therefore, applications to the DSLP require departmental approval (funding).


Contribute now!

 Are you looking for a way to help colleagues in need?  Please check out the details of the Donated Sick Leave Pooland consider submitting your Contribution Form today.