By the Numbers: Women Faculty at MSU


Over the life of ADVANCE and our intervention which started in 2012/13, 73 total faculty in STEM/SBS hired, of whom 37 (51%) were TT women. Currently, MSU's STEM departments are 22.6% women, and SBS departments are 34.0% women. Overall, MSU faculty is 37.1% women.

Year 1-3 Data

MSU Data

Fall 2013 Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty by Gender Bar Chart | Gender & Rank Fact Sheet
ADVANCE Tool Kit Data

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External Data

Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering National Science Foundation
Faculty Distribution Survey of Selected Criteria Oklahoma State University

Montana State University Faculty by Gender and Rank

Montana State University Faculty by Gender and Rank

Note: Gallatin College faculty have a different promotion and tenure process and do not have rank designations, and therefore are not included in the numbers in the bubble charts.