Grant Facilitator Network

Grant Facilitator Network

Program Overview

As part of the Enhancing Research Capacity and Opportunity initiative, grant-seeking faculty can connect with a network of grant-successful faculty to assist with submission and revisions of grant applications. Facilitators will review grant applications and provide constructive feedback, or share samples of successful grant proposals and abstracts. The Network also provides opportunities to register and search a portal of potential project collaborators across campus and beyond. This feature will be available by June 1, 2013.

The Network: Who We Are

The ADVANCE Network is supported by both the Center for Faculty Excellence and the Montana INBRE program, and is comprised of diverse grant-successful faculty representing a number of disciplines and departments on campus. Each member of the Network brings a unique and valuable contribution including significant success with grant submissions. Facilitators participate voluntarily in Network activities, and have graciously offered their time and expertise to advance research opportunities at Montana State University.

What to Expect: The Facilitator-Grant Submitter Relationship and Collaborations

Facilitators receive $50.00 "Downtown Dollars" as a token of appreciation, accepted at all retailers in downtown Bozeman including restaurants, spas, retail shops, and more. The Facilitator-Grant Submitter relationship is modest in scope to preserve the time resources of each participant. The Grant Submission Training Coordinator will contact each facilitator a maximum of two times per academic year to request a submission review, or to request proposal samples. Any continued participation is entirely at the discretion of the facilitator. Facilitators and grant submitters are not expected to remain in continual communication after reviews are completed.

Grant submitters and facilitators agree to maintain confidentiality in regards to materials and communications. The Network invites facilitators that provide constructive feedback so the grant submitter's ideas will be regarded with respect. Similarly, grant submitters should expect that facilitators appreciate advance notice for proposal reviews, ideally no less than two weeks. Reviews do not necessarily need to occur in person, and the facilitator and grant submitter may communicate electronically to achieve their goals. The Grant Submission Training Coordinator can facilitate the initial meeting between collaborators, or faculty may initiate a self-directed search once the collaborative feature is added to the website.

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How to Access the Grant Facilitator Network

The Grant Submission Training Coordinator maintains a list of successful grantees/facilitators and grant submitters interested in connecting. To sign up as a facilitator or grant submitter, please fill out the form below and the Grant Submission Training Coordinator will contact you. The Grant Submission Training Coordinator acts as a broker between the facilitator and grant submitter to ensure needs are defined and met for all parties. Grant submitters will be provided with a list of suggested facilitators to select the reviewer of their choice, or they may request a facilitator that the Grant Submission Training Coordinator can invite to the Network. To access collaborators, please check back in June and conduct a search, or email the Grant Submission Training Coordinator with your search criteria, and collaborators will be chosen and provided to you.

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