The College of Nursing's main campus is located in Bozeman, a city of 30,000 near many of the outstanding scenic and year-round recreation areas in the nation, such as Glacier, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, and Bridger Bowl, Big Sky and Jackson Hole ski areas. The College's central administration and Bozeman faculty are located in Sherrick Hall, one of more than 40 major buildings on the Montana State University-Bozeman's 1,170 acre campus.

Sherrick Hall

Sherrick Hall

MSU-Bozeman is a multipurpose institution with over 11,000 students enrolled in Colleges of Agriculture; Arts and Architecture; Business; Education, Health and Human Development; Engineering; Letters and Science; and Nursing. The size of the enrollment allows for closer student-faculty relations than are possible at many larger universities, and the location and setting of MSU provide a unique atmosphere that offers unlimited opportunities for combining academics and outdoor recreation into an individualized educational experience for each student.

The Bozeman campus admits 16 junior students each fall semester for a maximum of 32 upper division students. Over the year there is an average of 150 sophomore students and numerous more freshman pre-nursing students.  In addition, there is a varying number of graduate students each year.  Bozeman has an average of 17 full & part time faculty in addition to numerous staff, the Dean and the Associate Dean for the College of Nursing. 

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Patient Room

A Message from the Bozeman Campus

Choosing an upper division campus can be very overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the area. To assist you in making this decision, the following are some characteristics, some of which are unique to Bozeman, others you will find similar to all the campuses.  There is no question that no matter what campus you choose, you will have an excellent learning experience. 

  • Clinical emphasis is consistent with the curricular focus of community-based learning which means your clinical experiences will be everywhere from the acute care hospital setting to the home.   The purpose of each setting is to prepare you to practice in an ever changing health care environment.
  • Extensive use of communication technology, including e-mail, WebCT and Polycom to support learning and delivery of nursing care.
  • Multiple opportunities to practice and gain experience in rural community settings.  
  • Access to a supportive learning environment, including a dedicated skills lab as well as access to computer labs on campus and the Renne Library as well as all the on line resources available through the library. 
  • Support from a dedicated administrative team.
  • Faculty at varying levels and areas of expertise, ranging from expert clinicians to nationally known researchers.  Faculty are not only very knowledgeable and supportive, but because  of the small number of upper division students, they are very accessible. 
  • Opportunity to work directly with nurse researchers in their specific areas of research. 
  • A community in which there are no other nursing programs which are competing for clinical sites.
  • A very welcoming and supportive healthcare community which is anxious to be involved in the education of nursing students.
A Sampling of Our Clinical Sites
    • Bozeman Deaconess Hospital – Bozeman Deaconess is a rapidly expanding facility which is constantly adding new services to support the rapid growth of the community.   Students are placed throughout the hospital in the many state-of-the-art units, including obstetrics, critical care, emergency room, medical-surgical units, hospice, and palliative care, in addition to other specialty areas such as the cath lab, operating room, etc.    
    • Livingston Memorial Hospital – a rural hospital
    • Additional Community-based Settings
      • Gallatin County Health Department
      • Mental Health Center
      • Montana State Hospital, Warm Springs
      • Bridger Alternative School
      • Aware INC
      • Family Outreach
      • EagleMount
      • Hope House
      • Wel Home Health
      • Northern Rockies Kidney Center


If we can be of any assistance to you, as you are making your decision regarding campuses, feel free to contact both faculty and students for any questions you may have.