The College of Nursing at Montana State University is a multi-campus college with administrative offices located on the main campus in Bozeman.

Undergraduate program

The Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program is offered on all of the five campus sites: Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Kalispell, and Missoula.  The Accelerated BSN option is only offered in Bozeman and Great Falls.
Students interested in the Traditional BSN program may complete the required prerequisite courses as pre-nursing students at any accredited college or university in Montana or another state.  They must be prepared to apply for admission to the nursing major one year before they are ready to begin the junior and senior level nursing courses.  Once they have accepted an upper division (junior and senior level) placement for completing the nursing major, they are enrolled in the lower division (sophomore level) nursing courses.

Most students will be enrolled in the sophomore nursing courses on their upper division campus during the fall or spring semester immediately preceding the semester they begin their junior level coursework.  Some campuses are limited in the number of sophomore students that can be accommodated.  For example, the Billings campus is only able to accommodate 24 place bound sophomore nursing students each semester (fall and spring), but are able to accommodate  40 new juniors every semester.  Therefore, 16 students each semester with placement for the junior and senior level nursing courses in Billings will need to complete the sophomore nursing courses on the Bozeman campus.  There is an additional fee to enroll in sophomore level nursing courses at the non-Bozeman campus sites.

Graduate program

The Master of Nursing (MN) degree program is offered statewide through distance delivery modalities.  However, graduate students are assigned to a local campus for advising and for any face-to-face course meetings.  Graduate courses are taught using interactive videoconferencing, teleconferencing, and a Web-based delivery platform (Desire to Learn).  Students are required to attend coursework on the Bozeman campus once a year at the beginning of the fall semester.

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Map of the state of Montana depicting the locations of Bozeman, Billings, Great Falls, Kalispell and Missoula. Kalispell campus Great Falls campus Missoula campus Billings campus Bozeman campus

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