Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Graduate Degree

NP Psych/Mental Health


The DNP prepares advanced practice nurses who demonstrate clinical expertise, judgment, scholarship, and leadership to provide the highest level of nursing practice in the primary health care setting.

DNP Graduate Program Objectives

  1. Integrate nursing science and theory, biophysical, psychosocial, ethical, analytical, and organizational sciences as the foundation for the highest level of nursing practice.
  2. Analyze complex health care system to assess strengths and weaknesses to facilitate organization-wide changes in practice delivery.
  3. Synthesize, interpret, and apply knowledge from nursing practice, research, theory, and informatics to evaluate outcomes and sustain evidence-based advanced nursing practice.
  4. Advocate for health care policy addressing issues of social justice and equality in the delivery of advanced practice nursing services.
  5. Enact leadership and effective communication in inter- and intra-professional collaborator relationships to facilitate and improve outcomes for individuals, populations, and health care systems.
  6. Assess epidemiological, financial, sociopolitical, occupational, and organizational forces in the development, implementation, and evaluation of clinical prevention and population health.
  7. Integrate professional standards, values, accountability, and ongoing self-reflection into role acquisition as an advanced practice nurse.
  8. Influences health outcomes by providing advanced independent comprehensive health care services including health promotion and counseling, health assessment and diagnosis, and disease prevention and management of health and illness of individuals and families throughout the lifespan.

DNP Degree (NP, Psych/Mental Health) Programs of Study

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