June 10, 2004


Twenty-two nursing students received scholarships from the Montana State University-Bozeman College of Nursing for the 2004-2005 academic year. The recipients are listed below along with their home towns and the name of the scholarship they received:

Mullette-Colman Memorial Scholarship
Amanda Wyman, Whitefish, MT

Phyllis Carr Nursing Scholarship
Ka Moua, Missoula, MT

Anonymous Nursing Scholarship
Kimberly Ashmore, Great Falls, MT

Fred & Morrein Bowen Scholarship
Danielle Fischer, Laurel, MT
Brad Seyfert, Lewistown, MT

Margy Burgess Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Karistan Brevik, Missoula, MT

Lula Mae Clay Nursing Scholarship
Samantha Snyder, Helena, MT
Hanna Cundy, Bozeman, MT

Alice (Kane) Dahl Nursing Scholarship
Alicia Haag, Forsyth, MT

Jennie E. Davis Scholarship
Amanda McClure, Missoula, MT

Frances Eakman Nursing Scholarship
Gaylene Bray, Columbus, MT

Lillian M. Erickson Scholarship
Robin Brumwell, Big Sandy, MT
Jon Balgeman, Manhattan, MT
Ashley Richins, Choteau, MT
Michelle Scheie, Billings, MT
Kirsten Suellau, Hamilton, MT
Dionne Peterson, Missoula, MT

Lois Gysler Scholarship
Amy Kamerman, Bozeman, MT

Mary Johnson-Mattfeldt Scholarship
Jody Vines, Livingston, MT

Marguerite Hughes Milton Scholarship
April Abbott, Roy, MT

Montana Deaconess Alumni Scholarship
Tammie Peterson, Great Falls, MT

Susan O’Neill Scholarship
Alexandria Fischer, Bozeman, MT

Congratulations to all of these scholarship recipients as well as to Laura Reardon, Missoula Campus, who was awarded the coveted Harris Award. This award is presented annually at the Recognition Ceremony in May to an outstanding Montana senior in the College of Nursing.