September 8, 2004

CONORS would like to announce the Fall Call for Block Grant Proposals. CON Faculty members are encouraged to submit for funding for small seed grants. Funds will be awarded to CON faculty launching their research, for pilot work and for the testing of protocols and measurements instruments. For more information, visit the (below) link to the block grant program located on the CONORS web page. Proposals are due to CONORS on October 1, 2004, award notification will be made on December 15, 2004, and funding for the fall proposals will start on January 1, 2005. If you have any questions regarding the block grant program please contact Susan Clack or Karen Zulkowski.


Proposals are due to CONORS: October 1, 2004


Notification of award will be made: December 15, 2004


Funding will start: January 1, 2005 (for one year)