August 30, 2005

The MSNA convention will be held in conjunction with the MNA convention in Helena. MSNA is Thursday, Oct. 6th and the entire MNA convention is the 6th-8th. MSNA students who attend the Thursday only section will pay $35 for the day. This will include the keynote speaker (humor for the health of it), lunch, the MSNA business meeting, and the opportunity to attend the educational sessions with the MNA members. Sessions that afternoon include: Complimentary therapies in healing; Communication and Care coordination when your patient deaf or blind; patients with psoriasis; Methamphetamine; malpractice; aging and healthcare; obsessive compulsive disorder; regulatory boards; vaccine preventable diseases.

Students who desire to attend the entire 3 days will pay only $75. Individual dialy rates of $25-$35 are also available. Educational offerings include: working with difficult people, issues in rheumatology; delegation and the BON; allergic asthma; lab tests in rheumatic disease; diabetes and heart failure, antimicrobials in the age of resistance; alzheimer s, teen STDs, self protection; treatment issues in pregnancy; cancer screening assessment; internation travel; covering the uninsured, erectile dysfunction, dementia, overactive bladder, pharyngitis/sinusitis, ADHD, joint injuries, PVD, meeting the needs of clients with psychiatric mental health presentations and gastrointestinal illness.

The offerings span a wide range of topics and seem pertinent to just about every course we teach. Please encourage your students to attend and consider offering clinical hours for this great conference. There should be stacks of the Pulse on each campus.