September 1, 2005


Purpose To provide financial support for CNS students completing a thesis or professional project.

Requirements A Montana State University College of Nursing CNS graduate student conducting a thesis or professional project is eligible to apply.

Application Process For consideration, proposals are to be submitted to the Ms. Susan Clack, MSU Bozeman College of Nursing Office of Research and Scholarship (203 Sherrick Hall 994-2783).

The written proposal should be no more than 2 pages (can be single spaced) and contain:  A brief summary of the project (aim, statement of significance, conceptual framework, method, data analysis)  Proposed timeline of the project  Perceived outcome(s) of the project  Plans to disperse information gained from project  A brief paragraph on yourself (including where you are from, how far along you are in school, and your future plans after graduation. Attach to the proposal:  Proposed budget and brief budget justification  2 supporting letters from faculty: one letter from your thesis / project committee chairperson and one letter from a faculty member of your choice addressing the merit of the research / project and your ability to complete the project as planned  Applicants are encouraged to submit for funding during any phase of their research process.

September 1, 2005: Call for proposals
November 1, 2005: Deadline for applications
December 1, 2005: Notification of funding
January 1, 2006: Funding begins (funding period is one year

Selection Process The Clinical Nurse Specialist Project Directors or their designee will review the proposals and select up to two recipients. The recipients will be notified of funding no later than December 1, 2005.

Follow-up At the end of the funding period, the recipient will provide: 1) A written report discussing how the money was utilized, the status of the project, and outcomes. 2) An abstract for posting on the CONORS webpage and the publication, Notes on Nursing Research.

Award Amount Two awards up to $350 each for one year.