Rita Cheek, PhD, RN, will appear on “Health Matters” with host Rachel Rockafellow on Wed, Sept 26 at 6:30pm for a discussion of sleep. For more info, go to http://www.ypradio.org. If you miss the original airing, the full program will be archived after it plays for the public on 9/26.

From developing good sleep habits to identifying potential sleep-related disorders, Dr. Cheek underscores the importance of replenishing energy levels, maintaining your body's natural rhythms, and taking the necessary steps to providing a healthy environment for "a good night's sleep." Dr. Cheek is a registered nurse with her Ph.D. in nursing. She teaches at the MSU College of Nursing Missoula Campus, and her research focuses on sleep issues.

Health Matters is an occasional program featuring interviews and informative segments focusing on health hosted by Rachel Rockafellow, a registered nurse and adjunct assistant professor at MSU College of Nursing Bozeman campus.