Lula May Clay (Nursing)



A bequest from the last will and testament of Lula Mae Clay.  The fund was established to provide scholarships to students within the College of Nursing, Home Economics and the College of Engineering.  The trust is administered by the MSU-Bozeman Foundation.

NUMBER OF AWARDS:  Varies (annually)

VALUE:  Varies based on interest accrued


  • Recipient must be enrolled in the nursing curriculum in the sophomore year.
  • Recipient must have demonstrated superior academic performance in his/her studies.
  • Recipient must be a graduate of a Montana high school.
  • ËEach nominee will be required to address the following topics in a written essay to the College of Nursing Scholarship Committee:
    a.   Philosophy of Nursing/Health Care
    b.   Goals in the Profession
    c.   Academic/Personal Strengths
    d.   Financial Need (optional)
  • In the event there are several comparably qualified applicants, the College of Nursing Scholarship Committee may choose among these applicants based upon greatest financial need, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid Services.

SELECTED BY:  The College of Nursing Scholarship Committee


The Undergraduate Program Assistant is responsible for processing the Scholarship Authorization Form.