Mabel Munro Coulter Nursing Scholarship



A scholarship given to the MSU-Bozeman College of Nursing in the name of Mabel Munro Coulter, a long-term President and significant contributor to the Viola Vestal Coulter Foundation, Inc.  The fund is administered by the MSU Financial Aid Office.

NUMBER OF AWARDS:  Varies (depending on funds)

VALUE:  Varies


1)   Open to any currently enrolled nursing student.

2)   Ordinarily awarded for one year but, at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, may be awarded to the same applicant for more than one year.

3)   There shall be no discrimination because of the geographical location of any applicants' home, or the sex, marital status, race, creed, color or national origin of the applicant.

4)   The Scholarship Committee, in selecting the recipient of this award, shall consider the following:

  • Character
  • Academic ability and achievement
  • \Breadth of vision in planning educational and career objectives
  • Evidence of civic and social responsibility
  • Financial need  (NOTE:  Scholarship Committee members are encouraged to check with the Undergraduate Program Assistant regarding students' levels of financial need prior to submitting nominations.)
  • Commitment to the nursing profession

5)   The Scholarship Committee shall take into consideration any other scholarship or financial aid which the applicant may be receiving and shall, in no case, make the award to a student not evidencing financial need.

6)   The weight to be given the various foregoing elements shall be discretionary with the Administrator.

7)   In the event, because of failure to find a suitable applicant, the scholarship shall not be awarded in any year, the scholarship for that year shall lapse.  If the scholarship lapses for two consecutive years, it shall terminate and not thereafter be available.

SELECTED BY: Upper Division Scholarship Committee



The MSU-Bozeman Financial Aid Office is responsible for notifying students of their selection, processing award paperwork and corresponding with the donor regarding receipt of funds and notification of recipients each year.

Please note that a student’s failure to maintain satisfactory progress or changes in need eligibility may result in modification, reduction and/or withdrawal of this scholarship.  Please review the policies and procedures publication available at the Office of Financial Aid Services.





Revised 09/10