All College of Nursing scholarship applications must be submitted to the student’s current campus scholarship representative no later than December 1st each fall semester. Below is the list of the scholarship representatives on each College of Nursing campus: 

Billings – Jamie Besel

Bozeman – Mary Kay Thurston

Great Falls:  Paul Krogue

Kalispell:  Rexanne Wieferich

Missoula – Christine Muskett


All scholarship recipients are selected early spring semester each year and are notified by the first week of May of awards for the following fall and spring semesters.

Student Scholarship Application (PDF)
Undergraduate Student Involvement Log (in Word)
Faculty Recommendation Form (PDF) Include with packet only if the scholarship criteria asks for it
Graduate Student Involvement Log (in Word)

Scholarship Requirements: Please make sure that you read the criteria for each scholarship carefully as some individual scholarships have specific essay criteria that need to be addressed. Some scholarships are selected by specific recommendations and need to have the recommendation form completed and attached to the application. In addition, some scholarships are for students on a specific campus or in a specific degree program or option.  

General essays are required for all scholarships and can be no longer than one page in 12 point font. Please submit an essay that includes each of the following criteria:

  • From your perspective, “What is nursing’s biggest challenge today?” 
  • Something unique about yourself 
  • List 2-3 other attributes or achievements
  • Your level of financial need

Interested students should fill out one application and submit it to the student’s current campus scholarship representative along with the required essay and student involvement log. Campus scholarship representatives and faculty will review all application materials and nominate students for specific scholarships based on the student’s application. Application materials should be submitted in the following order: 

  • Scholarship Application (one)
  • Essay (only one unless submitting an application for a scholarship with specific essay requirements other than those listed above)
  • Appropriate Student Involvement Log (one) 

NOTE: Accepting  a scholarship may affect a studen’ts financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (406) 994-2845 if you have any questions about that.


Nursing Scholarships and Criteria (Amounts TBD each year):


College of Nursing Scholarship

College of Nursing Memorial Scholarship

Ruth Alexander Scholarship

Martha M Arguelles Scholarship

Jane P and Eugene E Bourne Scholarship

Fred and Morrein Bowen Scholarship

Bracken Family Scholarship

Genevieve Burcham Memorial (Rotates alternate years with Montana Deaconess)

Margy Burgess Peterson

Alice Willman Cassidy Endowment

Phyllis Carr

Chestnutt Family Scholarship

Lula Mae Clay

Coulter Foundation

Helene Fuld Trust Scholarship

Alice Dahl

Jennie E. Davis(Undergraduate and Graduate Student Scholarship)

Frances Eakman

Ellis Scholarship

Lillian M. Erickson

Frank & Marie Elliott Homestead 

Hoback Scholarship

Jurkovich-Wilson(Undergraduate and Graduate Student Scholarship)

Cathy Klingaman

Marguerite Hughes Milton

Mary Johnson Mattfeldt

Montana Pioneer Nurses Memorial Scholarship

MT Nurses Association District 1 Missoula Scholarship

Narotzky Accelerated Nursing Scholarship

Great Falls Deaconess Hospital  (Rotates alternate years with Genevieve Burcham Memorial)


Opportunity Scholarship

Robert Raskind Scholarship (Graduate Native American Student Scholarship)

Richter Scholarship

Edith Sanks

Patricia Schwarz

Anna Pearl Sherrick

Mary Kay Shevlin Nursing Scholarship

Skelly Scholarship

Colonel Frances Thomas Nursing Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Wynn Memorial Scholarship

Adeline Ueland Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Yen Lin Lee Li

Gladys Nye Stevenson (Graduate Student Scholarship)* (Rotates alternate years with Margaret Vojnovich, apply odd years)

Margaret Vojnovich (Graduate Student Scholarship)* (Rotates alternate years with Gladys Nye Stevenson, apply even years)
*Additional information can be found in the Graduate Scholarship Information (PDF document).