1. To apply for the BSN program at MSU, create an account in the Applicant Portal. Here is the link: https://www.nursingcas.org/.
  2. Select program(s) of interest, Montana State University. The BSN program at MSU will only be available during the two placement application periods; June 15 – August 1 and November 15 – January 2.
  3. Nursing CAS has 4 main sections as seen on your application dashboard. The application is a combination of standardized Nursing CAS and MSU program-specific requirements.  The required answers are marked with *. However, you must acknowledge each section by clicking the box that states” I am not adding any references,” etc.
  4. Submit the application to the program(s) of interest. 

Here are some “tips” for each quadrant of the application:


There are 7 sections under Personal Information, they all need to be completed before you can submit your application. The * indicates a required field. 


There are 4 sections, listed below:

1. High School Attended

2. Colleges Attended – This is where you will select the official transcripts from all the Colleges you have attended.

  • Please list any Dual Enrollment institutions (college credit earned while attending your high school)
  • All official transcripts are required to be sent to NursingCAS. Download the transcript request form and have your official transcripts sent to Nursing CAS for processing. Please note, NursingCAS accepts official transcripts sent electronically from Credentials Solutions, Parchment, and National Student Clearinghouse.
  • If you have earned Montana State University- Bozeman credits, you do not need to send an official transcript. We will access these from the Office of Admissions.

3. Transcript Entry – You are only required to add the classes that match the prerequisites listed under  “prerequisite information” on this page. If you are adding a class with a separate lecture and lab


  • Add the number of credits in the first box and add any additional incremental credits or “00” in the second box.
  • Subject – select the subject that you feel is the best match
  • Add any CLEP exams at the institution you took the exam – mark “cr” instead of adding a grade. You also need to upload your “test score report” under the document section in “Program Materials”
  • Add all prerequisite courses, even if you repeated the course.
  • After completing all your prerequisites, select “Review and Finalize My Transcripts” – you will add Advanced Placement earned courses, honors, courses while studying abroad.

4. STANDARDIZED Tests – This is data requested for a grant and is not required. If you chose not to enter test scores, your results of your application will not be affected.


There are 3 sections areas, you are not required to add any information, but you do need to select “I am not adding any information” in each of these areas to submit your application.

  1. Achievements
  2. Experiences
  3. Licensure and Certifications


You will see 4 tabs under the MSU College of Nursing picture:

  1. HOME– Important BSN admission criteria and policies regarding placement for the BSN program at MSU.  As well as instructions on fulfilling the 2nd part of the BSN application- meeting clinical compliance requirements. 

    CastleBranch, is a Clinical Compliance tracking system. Use the link provided in this section to create an account and submit the required documents.

  2. DOCUMENTS – This is where you would download your CLEP “Test Score Report” or your “LPN” License
  3. Prerequisites – This is where you will assign courses to the required prerequisite courses required on the BSN application.  You will either need to make a match with a transcript or select “I am not matching any courses to this prerequisite”.  All courses must be green in order to submit your application.
  4. QUESTIONS - This is where you will rank your 5 campuses and answer supplemental questions.



  • All 4 quadrants must be “green” at this time to proceed

  • SELECT “SUBMIT APPLICATION” – You will be prompted to pay the application fee before the application can be submitted.

  • CHECK STATUS – you may download the application for your records. Your status should be “accepted” to finalize your application.