Research has been the primary emphasis of my academic career, with a focus on the application of cognitive psychology (cognitive engineering) to the analysis of system safety, as well as the design and evaluation of usable systems and innovative products.  The majority of my research has focused on the road transportation system.  Given that the World Health Organization expects that traffic crashes will become the third leading cause of fatalities and disability by the year 2020, research to improve traffic safety has significant social value.  Toward this goal, my transportation research has combined basic and applied cognitive psychology to analyse crash factors, specify support functions, and design interfaces for intelligent driver support systems.  This research has made extensive use of driving simulators and instrumented vehicles for the purpose of usability testing of these intelligent systems to support future deployment decisions.

Most recently, my transportation research has extended to the modelling of the psychosocial factors in our traffic safety culture that propagate behavioural risk and influences the decisions of transportation agencies to develop and support traffic safety interventions and policies.